Upgrade to the new Professional Editions for free

I have several items of important news for my readers.

I've learned some interesting things. Unlike paper books, when a new edition of an eBook is released, the eBook retailers like Amazon and iTunes consider it to be the same eBook. So anyone who bought one of my previous eBook editions from anywhere other than my author's website can get the new Professional Editions for Free. Just go to where
you bought the previous edition and download it again.

One of my customers who uses Apple had to delete his old copies from his device before he could download the new revisions, so others may have to do that as well, but he did get them for free. I suggest you back up your old copies online or on a USB memory first, before you delete them from your main drive (should that be necessary), just in case you have trouble downloading the new one. Also, People of The Tiger was substantially re-written for the February 2012 revision, so you may want to save the old version, in case you find you prefer it. See my next post for more about this. The storylines of the other three books are essentially unchanged.

Since those who bought my eBooks from other websites can get the new editions for free, I will of course have to figure out a practical and convenient way to give them for free to anyone who bought the previous versions from my own website. I haven't figured out an automated way to do this yet, but when I do, I'll let everyone know.

Of course, this completely negates my earlier post about offering the new editions to previous buyers with a coupon for a reduced price.

Also, you can't get People Of The Tiger or its sequel Hunters In The Sky from the Amazon Kindle Store anymore, whether you bought the previous versions there or not, due to a dispute I'm having with them. But I'll detail that in the next post.

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