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Chaos Of A Demon War is available!

Chaos Of A Demon War, Book Three of The Nexus Of Kellaran, is available at in USA & Metric Editions.  See the Links on my 'EBooks for Sale or Free' page.

Actually, it's been available for over a year now, but I was burnt-out on being an author and publisher for a while, and I didn't update this page to reflect the book's availability.  Sorry about that.

The price has just been reduced to $2.99 USD.

Soul Dead And Green Eyes - A Kellaran Fantasy

Is available at in USA & Metric Editions!  See the Links on my 'EBooks for Sale or Free' page.


Victory Or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Trilogy, in both USA and Metric editions, is now available on !

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Blessings Of A Curse - Book One of The Nexus Of Kellaran

  Also available in Metric Editions!


The Fire And The Storm - Book Two of The Nexus Of  Kellaran Series



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People Of The Tiger - Book One of The Rational Future Series

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Hunters In The Sky - Book Two of The Rational Future Series


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A summary of what my fans say on why they love my books, and family access ratings.


In June 2009 I posted rough drafts of my first two books to a large fiction website, and asked the readers to rate and critique them, and let me know how they compared to the best-sellers in their genres.  I was flabbergasted by the hundreds of wildly enthusiastic email responses I received!  They were given averaged ratings of 9.36 and 9.37 out of 10.  Many wrote to say that one or the other is the best book they ever read, and one guy even threatened to hunt me down and duct-tape me to my computer chair until the sequels were finished!  Without their encouragement I would never have considered publishing my stories.

My fans cover the spectrum of sci-fi/fantasy readers, but it's safe to say that those who love my stuff most fanatically are fast readers who love big books and to whom a 200 page pocketbook is a candy when they want a steak dinner, though those who like to take their time enjoy them just as much.

You get a lot of entertainment for your money from my books.  I read a site lately that described novels with 25,000 words as short, ones with 50,000 words as long, and ones with 100,000 words as epics.  Mine range from 285,000 to 404,000 words.  Each of my books is like three or four epic novels, but I don't mind selling a complete series as three books instead of ten or twenty.

Both of my series are somewhat uninhibited, as far as sexual content and themes go.  I would say that People of the Tiger is not recommended for those younger than 17 (rated R).   The rest of my books are not recommended for preteens (like a PG movie).  People of the Tiger has two explicit descriptions of present-tense sexual events, the rest have none.  The explicit sexuality in People Of The Tiger is not included to titillate or sexually excite the reader, rather it is there to show what life could be like in a culture with a purely practical sexual morality and no dysfunctional taboos.  Mind you, none of my novels are nearly as sexual as many of the ones on the fantasy and horror shelves of your neighborhood bookstore today.  For instance; none of my books have the disturbing sexuality of such best-selling fantasy series as Kushiel's by Jacqueline Carey.  Which is a great series, it just has some disturbing sexuality.

My books appeal to those who like to be cheered up after reading and who find themselves uncomfortably depressed after reading stuff like The Sword Of Truth series, by Terry Goodkind.  Which is a great series, it's just pretty dark emotionally.

It's been said that I write High Fantasy for sci-fi fans, and Hard Science Fiction for fantasy fans, and I think it's apt.  I've had a lot of letters from fans of one of the two genres who usually didn't like the other, who said that my stuff is the exception.  Many said they only read my fantasy because they liked my sci-fi so much, and vice-versa, but when they read them they were glad they did.

Blessings of a Curse - Book One of The Nexus Of Kellaran is High Fantasy; it has everything a good fantasy novel needs, and a lot less of the things that bother people about fantasy books, particularly science fiction fans.  Unlike books set in the present or future of Earth, starting a new fantasy series is like having total amnesia; you don't have any of the common knowledge about the world you find yourself in, knowledge that any child living there would have.  And quite often, when you're done the book, you're still ignorant of most of that.  Many of my readers have praised the rich detail of the wonderful world I've created, and said they felt like they really got to know it.  Events that should affect the entire world actually do, unlike many fantasies like Lord of the Rings, where a supposedly globally-affecting war only really gets described as it affects part of one continent. The magic in the book, and the way it works, is self-consistent and understandable, and as consistent as possible with real physics, which really pleases sci-fi fans.  So does the fact that most of the societies in this book aren't based on medieval earth with magic, so the characters don't have the often-irritating thinking and morals that were common back then; they're fully modern technological and industrial societies that happen to work on magic instead of electricity and combustion.  And finally, though it's a long book that deals with world-changing events, almost all those events happen over an incredibly hectic six days, and it was purposefully written with no chapter breaks.  Those two qualities make it move along at a break-neck pace, despite its length and detail.

People of the Tiger and Hunters In The Sky are the first two books in The Rational Future Series.  They are are Hard Science Fiction, but they have mighty warriors of both genders, a lot of up-close-and-personal combat action, a lot of powerful emotional content, and the technology is well explained and comprehensible.  Those qualities appeal to fantasy fans.  They are also set in a utopian future that is far more than mere imaginings.  My major interest is not being a writer, it's being an amateur bio-sociological engineer.  I have designed a comprehensive culture and society that solves all the world's major problems, based on the bio-sociological principles of Professor Edward O. Wilson.  These books are a good way to introduce my solutions to the public consciousness.  The aspects of the lifestyles of the Tiger People involving fighting and homes are just plot elements that contribute to a great story, but the other differences between the society in these books and our present reality are all sound sociology.  Since these books have viable solutions to the transportation, environmental, climate change, and overpopulation problems, they appeal strongly to everyone interested in those subjects, particularly those who don't think the solutions being offered by those in authority now are going to work.  They also offers viable policies for laws dealing with human genetic engineering, sexuality, recreational alcohol and drug use, and violence.
For more insights into my novels, feel free to peruse my Preview Pages, or download Blessings Of A Curse for free.