A New Plan

Apparently, my fantasy novels are much more popular than my science fiction novels. And, I'm having trouble making enough from my last book releases to allow me to live here ($400 US/month) until I finish writing Chaos Of A Demon War - Book Three of The Nexus Of Kellaran Trilogy, which would take at the very least another four months. So, I've had to set that on the back burner for now. Since I have no faith in my marketing and I hate doing that anyway, what I'm going to do is start writing the books I had planned to write after that; fantasy books set on Kellaran that are what most fantasy fans seem to want, of normal length and without the super-epic or sci-fi-style story elements of the Nexus trilogy, or any of the other things that readers have complained about. I can write and release one of these every month, and I'm going to keep doing so until I get ahead of the game enough to be able to finish ChaosOADW. It's a tall order, but I really think I'm that good and that prolific. The first one will be titled Soul Dead And Green Eyes, and it's set in northern Debevin about 5000 years before the events in Blessings Of A Curse.

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