Damn typos, lol!

Over the last week I re-read Blessings Of A Curse and The Fire And The Storm in preparation for writing Chaos Of A Demon War (I only got a bit of it done in the months after tF&tS came out before I found myself concentrating on Victory Or Extinction.)

First off, I miss as much sleep when I'm reading them as anyone else, especially since I haven't read them in two years.  I really find myself wondering; Wow!  How did I come up with all that stuff?!  And I worry about whether I'll be able to match their quality in the third book.  I wrote The Fire And The Storm when my life was hell, and I was surprised to find that it didn't really have a dark mood to it.

And secondly, I've proof-read Blessings at least a dozen times and had it proof-read by eight other sharp-eyed nit pickers, and I still found at least 25 typos, dammit!  I think I've found them all now though, lol!  There were a lot less in tF&tS.  I've definitely become a better proof-reader over the last 13 years.  I'll have the re-proofed versions out on the retail sites in the next few days sometime.

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