Going back to my tropical paradise!

Less than 11 days left until I'm back in the Philippines, back to the life I chose and greatly prefer, back to my wonderful girlfriend! As it gets closer I feel my spirits rising, and my energy growing!

It'll be a lot easier this time; as I'll already be familiar with everything there, I already have friends and connections, I'll already have my relationship with my girl. And this time I'll have new systems in place to improve my motivation, my discipline, and my consistency.

Last time I was there I was thinking; "I hope I can build my businesses into success while I'm here, or at least enough success to stay here, but if not I can enjoy the vacation and go back to work in Canada in the spring, and try it here again next November."

That became a somewhat self-fulfilling prophesy, but I sure wasn't happy about it when I had to come back to Canada in April. The time I've spent with my family and friends here has really been great, but as much as I love them, it's not nearly as hard to be away from them as it is to be apart from the woman I love.

This time I'm absolutely determined to build a stable life in the Philippines, and I'll accept nothing less from myself.

Part of that will be to do better at relating to my readers. For example, I should have said a personal thank-you to everyone who Liked my Facebook Author's Page, and I'm sorry that I didn't. One of a hundred things I should have done better, and hope to do better in the future.

It seems my plans and goals usually go awry, but none-the-less, I really, really want to release Victory Or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Trilogy before Christmas.

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