In Appreciation

In the space of a bit more than a month, two of my readers helped me out with money, one to save me from disaster and support my writing, and one to support the ExOr project I described in my email the newsletter before last.  Both have asked to remain anonymous, since they don't want to be asked for cash by multitudes.  I am humbled and amazed that people who've never met me are willing to support my efforts because they believe in what I can do.  Things are still a bit tense, but then, I've never had financial security beyond the next paycheck in my entire life, so that's nothing new.  Believe me, I'm trying hard to make the most of the chances I've been given.

By the way, I sent the email with the ExOr project to a number of people, but I've never posted it publicly and I'd appreciate it if none of you did that until after I've done so.

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