Paperbacks Now Available!

About a year ago I was completely burnt out on the publishing process, and had grown to hate it.  I neglected it completely for almost a year, and my attempts to motivate myself to resume it were futile.  But Things Are Happening Again.

Perhaps most significantly; my books are now available as paperbacks again, on Amazon.  The price of print-on-demand paperbacks is largely dependent on how many pages the book has, but the cover size of the book (height by width) doesn't affect the price much.  Since almost all of my books are huge, I've made them available in Magazine size (8.5 x 11 inches, or 21.5 x 28cm) which keeps the page count, and the price, down to reasonable amounts.  I wanted to announce this a lot sooner, but there were technical challenges and delays.

I've also made my books available as paperbacks (and eBooks) at

I've updated my website, I'm refreshing my marketing efforts, and soon I'll be making my books available at new retail outlets.

I have a few other irons in the fire as well, to be revealed soon.

Thanks for reading my books!
Wayne Edward Clarke.

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