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Still writing...

I am still writing new novels, but progress is very slow as my life is very busy these days.  Sorry.

Recovering from the super-typhoon!

On December sixteenth, 2021, we were struck by the center of Force 5 typhoon Odette, as it was named by Philippine weather authorities.  Outside the Philippines it was known as Typhoon Rai.  The eyewall of the storm passed right over my house, some of the neighborhood's roofs and most of the trees were destroyed, and the fallen trees damaged or destroyed many houses and took down all the electricity and communications wires.  We didn't have electricity or running water for twenty-six days, and we didn't have landline internet for a month and a half.  Then my phone company's fiber internet service was restored, though I'm still waiting for my cable TV company's fiber internet to be repaired.    The Philippines is also gradually normalizing as the covid 19 pandemic slowly recedes here.  It's been an ordeal for sure, but we're almost back to normal now.

Progress has been slow, but it's being made.

Since my last blog post I've been fully vaccinated, and there are other signs of a slow and intermittent progress towards normality.  Most of my energy has been going toward other projects recently, but I'm still putting some time into writing and publishing.

Thank you.

I haven't done much with my writing or publishing lately, or with anything else beyond my day job, as I recover from the trials I experienced earlier this year.  I'm getting my books on another ebook site soon, and still looking for another publisher.

I'd like to thank all my fans for sticking with me over the last few years.

Seeking a new publisher.

While I still love writing and I know I'm pretty good at it, I've come to realize that I'm not very good at publishing and I really hate it.  So I'm going to try to find a new publisher.  Wish me luck!

Wayne Edward Clarke.

Stepping stones

Constantly blogging on my website or my facebook page keeps my reach limited to the audience I already have. Though, if you feel like being generous, a split second of sharing can help drastically. If you know any fans of reading fantasy or science fiction novels please go ahead and suggest my name! Any boost, even if just one soul reached, is one more potential fan. Like I said before, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising, and that one new fan might just help me reach the next thousand!

What's coming next!

A lot of my readers have asked if I'm writing new books now. I am, but it will be a while before anything new is completed. Unlike the years when I wrote my previous books I'm now in a relationship, and I have many more demands on my time, so I can't just write constantly like a fanatic like I used to. On the other hand, I'm probably writing my book faster than George R. R. Martin is writing the next sequel to Game of Thrones.

Latest developments

Recently I have been utilizing new resources for promotion. I have put my free ebook up for review to a number of new minds and am waiting to see what kind of responses I will receive. After editing a number of important information tidbits I have also made my free ebook available on many new sites to increase the probability of its discovery. Blessings Of A Curse has appeared on a few dashboards and advertisements across the web in the last few weeks, as a result of my efforts. At this point there has been a lot accomplished, but the results of the recent accomplishments will not be immediate, only time will tell how effective these efforts have been. Fingers crossed!

I also want to extend a thank you to all my fans who have expanded my reader base through personal reference and word of mouth. Nothing is more powerful than having a friend share my books with another.

Paperbacks Now Available!

About a year ago I was completely burnt out on the publishing process, and had grown to hate it.  I neglected it completely for almost a year, and my attempts to motivate myself to resume it were futile.  But Things Are Happening Again.

Perhaps most significantly; my books are now available as paperbacks again, on Amazon.  The price of print-on-demand paperbacks is largely dependent on how many pages the book has, but the cover size of the book (height by width) doesn't affect the price much.  Since almost all of my books are huge, I've made them available in Magazine size (8.5 x 11 inches, or 21.5 x 28cm) which keeps the page count, and the price, down to reasonable amounts.  I wanted to announce this a lot sooner, but there were technical challenges and delays.

I've also made my books available as paperbacks (and eBooks) at

I've updated my website, I'm refreshing my marketing efforts, and soon I'll be making my books available at new retail outlets.

I have a few other irons in the fire as well, to be revealed soon.

Thanks for reading my books!
Wayne Edward Clarke.

Available Now: Book 3 of The Nexus of Kellaran!

Chaos Of A Demon War - Book Three of The Nexus Of Kellaran Trilogy is available now at in USA and Metric Editions!


Finally Finished!

I just finished writing Chaos Of A Demon War - Book Three of The Nexus of Kellaran Trilogy. I'm really hoping to have it edited, published, and available (on at least, if not on as well) by the 23rd, that is, the date that's the 23rd in most places in the world other than here in the Philippines.

A solid year in The Philippines!

It was exactly one year ago today that I came back to The Philippines. Since I had a seasonal job in Canada and had saved up enough during the summer to live here through the winter, (or so I thought) coming back here wasn't the hard decision, as I had done it the winter before. The hard decision was choosing to give up my seasonal job in the spring and try to stay here all year round. It was very risky; I'd have to make enough to support myself and my girlfriend from what I made as an author and internet publisher, which I hadn't been able to do previously. Sometimes it's been very tense and we've been on the edge of financial disaster.
I'd always thought I'd get rich someday and move to a tropical island paradise. I never did get rich, or even middle class, though I came close a couple of times. But I did get very good at being poor to working class.
Right now I'm in a loving mated relationship for the first time in my life, and I do live in a nice place in a tropical paradise with a private beach, including internet, big screen, and sattelite TV. My personal costs for everything including cell phone, groceries, and a bit of spending money are $230USD/$300CDN/10,000PHP per month, (and that's less than I've ever heard of for anyone with a comparable lifestyle) or $460USD/$600CDN/20,000PHP including my girlfriend's costs. She does all the cooking, cleaning, and handwashes all our laundry, (I'd do half of that if she was working or going to school) and she takes good care of me.
In most ways this is the best my life has ever been, so I'm living the dream. Over the next year I need to double my income so I can afford to go back to Canada for a visit once a year, buy us some health insurance, and get a few other little extras. That's all I really need.
I need to thank everyone who has helped us or supported my careers in any way. I couldn't have done it without you.

Apologies on my birthday.

Today is my birthday, so it's probably a good day for apologies.

I've been sick most of the month, and half of last month too. For these and other reasons I doubt that I'll be able to finish Chaos Of A Demon War before the end of September as I'd previously announced. I'm very sorry about that. I hope to finish it in October.

On another matter; readers of my Rational Future series will recognize that I did my best to make it true 'Hard Science Fiction', that everything in it was supposed to be as factual or scientifically plausible as possible, and I did a ton of fact checking to make it so. For instance, every asteroid mentioned is real, and is just like it's described in the book. I did my best to make sure all the math was correct too.

However, I didn't check the facts that I was already absolutely sure of. When I was in elementary school in Canada I was taught that the acceleration due to Earth's gravity is 32 feet per second, per second. The year after I was taught that, Canada's school systems switched over to the metric system and we started doing everything in meters instead of feet. I didn't think about the acceleration due to gravity formula for the next 37 years, then I wrote Hunters In The Sky. I assumed the Earth's acceleration was 32 meters per second squared, instead of 32 feet per second squared. I did all the time and distance calculations for the space travel in that book and the next one according to a formula that was in error, since the performance numbers for the ships were given in gees, not in speed. All the time and distance numbers for space travel for those two books are therefore wrong. I'd have to re-write almost everything in those two books to correct the mistake, and I'm not going to. But I am deeply ashamed, and I'm very, very sorry.

At long last, Book 3 of the Nexus is coming soon!

Chaos Of A Demon War - Book Three of The Nexus Of Kellaran trilogy, will be available before the end of September. Pre-sales will be available soon.


My attempts to get my exoskeletal ornithopter (ExOr) built and marketed have bogged down in an endless quicksand of people who don't return my emails and/or phone calls, including; parts and materials suppliers, potential employees, technical universities, a film school, my business adviser/tax preparer, even the investor that paid for the first months of work on the project. If I can write a good enough business plan I might be able to get enough financing to make a go of it, but I can't get the co-operation of people I need information from for the plan, or who I need to commit to working with me if I get financing so i can state in the business plan who'll be working with me and what we'll be doing if I get the financing.

At this point I'm willing to give the entire business away for free (including all the intellectual property rights) to anyone who'll finance and co-manage the first two stages and commit to hiring me to work on it for at least three years for $3000 Canadian per month, ($2400 USD)

The first stage is to build the world's first flying exoskeletal ornithopter prototype, learn to fly it while tethered to a zip line with a bungee cord and a roller, prove that it's very fun and safe, and monetize it by filming all that as an extreme sports documentary and by exhibiting it with aerobatic maneuvers at air shows, exhibitions, and state fairs. cost = $8000 to $10,000 USD, or about as much as a good used car.

The second stage is to build six more ExOrs in various sizes and a dedicated tethered-flight training facility, and monetizing it by charging thrill seekers by the hour to fly and to learn to fly, and selling T-shirts, souvenirs, videos of their flights, meals and snacks. Cost = about $50,000 to $250,000, depending on how nice the facility is, or, less than the cost of a one bedroom apartment in any decent city market.

The third stage is to build several more Flight Centers worldwide and a factory to build ExOr components, to sell thousands of custom-fitted Exors that are assembled in an hour or two while you wait, to compete for the consumer dollars that presently buy recreational machines like motorcycles, quads, and personal water craft, and to take a good chunk of the multi-billion dollar recreational machines industry. Cost to start = a few million, or about as much as a nice new car dealership.

Of course I have a bunch of other great recreational machines and facilities invented for expansion after that.

I've been working on this off and on for over thirty years, and someone is definitely going to do this pretty soon, but now I'm afraid that someone else is going to beat me to it and I won't even be a part of it.

The Big Post for July

I posted this on my personal Facebook for my family and friends back home, but I figured I'll re-post it here;

I was pretty confused how the hot season here could run from April to the middle of June, since the country is (barely) in the northern hemisphere and fairly close to the Asian landmass which has it's summer in the normal June-July time-frame. Turns out that it would be absolutely dangerously hot here during July and August, except that that's when the rainy season hits. We're getting pleasantly warm rain every day, and the temperatures are nice now. But, when it was really hot I never noticed that there were almost no mosquitos, and now they're back with a vengeance! I'm lovin' my mosquito netting at night, and my electric flyswatter (with insect-attracting UV LED) during the day! Zaps them suckers but good!

Things I never thought I'd say;
The very best bananas I ever had are grown in my own yard. Delicious!
Remember, when someone is driving down the wrong side of the road towards you, you have to let the ones in the curb lane pass on the curb side, and the ones in the center lane pass on the centerline side!
When I first got here I thought that the traffic system here was insane, but now I realize that this system is better, and the system in Canada is insane! I've lived here in dense city areas for a total of over 13 months now, and the only traffic accident I've seen was a single-vehicle crash where a drunk guy fell off his motorcycle. That's a hell of a lot less accidents than I ever saw during an equivalent time in Calgary. In Canada everyone is supposed to follow the million rules/signs/lights/road markings so that they can go as fast as possible without paying attention, and whenever someone breaks the rules there's an accident. Here there's traffic anarchy, and all the drivers are actually PAYING ATTENTION with the majority of their concentration, and ready to brake or swerve at any time with a fraction of a second's notice, and staying ready for anything. If someone sails through a red light, he probably won't hit anyone, because everyone else is ready for that. Little kids can run out into traffic from between parked cars and pretty much never get hit, because the drivers are ready for that too. People drive slow enough to react to any danger.
There are actually European residential areas that are getting rid of their traffic lights, road signs, and road markings, because it forces people to slow down and pay attention, and produces a safer system!

A lot of times during the day I miss Canada and my family, and when I have to deal with the many instances where it would be easier to get stuff done in Canada, I consider going back. But when I'm sleeping I keep having dreams where I'm in Canada and I'm trying to get back to the Philippines but I can't. Then I wake up and realize that I'm still here, and it's all good. I think I'll go snorkeling in the bathwater-warm ocean off the private beach behind my beautiful tropical back yard today.

By the way, there's another apartment available here on this property, with air conditioning and a separate bedroom, for about $450 a month. Figure another $300 a month for groceries, utilities, internet, sidecar taxi trips around the neighborhood, and satellite TV (but with only a few English language shows). For two people. Plus whatever luxuries and tourist-type activities you want to pay for. Great beer is about 1$ a can or 2$ for a 1 litre bottle, but when I drink (rarely) I usually go for the excellent rum for about 2$ a 750 ml bottle. Just sayin'.

One thing that does suck is that the economy here continues to improve, and Canada's continues to suck, so now I only get 33.5 pesos for a dollar, when I used to get 48. That's a big difference. But my apartment is studio with no A/C, so my cost of living is still only $600 Canadian a month. For two of us.

Hello to everyone from me and Marel! I miss you all and I hope you're doing great! Wish you were here!

Making Progress!

I tell ya, writing fantasy and science fiction can be difficult at times, but not nearly as difficult as trying to make reality out of science fiction on a shoe-string budget. Still, progress moves forward when pushed by stubborn persistence, and I am now a bonafide technologist.

In Appreciation

In the space of a bit more than a month, two of my readers helped me out with money, one to save me from disaster and support my writing, and one to support the ExOr project I described in my email the newsletter before last.  Both have asked to remain anonymous, since they don't want to be asked for cash by multitudes.  I am humbled and amazed that people who've never met me are willing to support my efforts because they believe in what I can do.  Things are still a bit tense, but then, I've never had financial security beyond the next paycheck in my entire life, so that's nothing new.  Believe me, I'm trying hard to make the most of the chances I've been given.

By the way, I sent the email with the ExOr project to a number of people, but I've never posted it publicly and I'd appreciate it if none of you did that until after I've done so.

Progress, and a new project

I made great progress on Chaos Of A Demon War over the month I was given, but it still has a long way to go. I'll be going back to writing part time now, but at least I won't have to work a regular job, not yet anyway. I've received some seed money to develop one of my other business plans, and that should keep us going for a couple of months. Then, if things go well, I'll get full financing for it.


A very generous fan who has asked to remain anonymous has saved my financial ass, and asked that I return to writing for the month I've been given! So I'll spend the month working on Chaos Of A Demon War - Book Three of The Nexus of Kellaran Trilogy.

Prices lowered on newest books!

I've lowered the prices of Victory Or Extinction and Soul Dead And Green Eyes to $2.99, but it may take a couple of days to take effect due to the holiday. Happy Easter everyone!

New fantasy book release!!!

My new book; Soul Dead And Green Eyes - A Kellaran Fantasy, is now available at Smashwords in both USA and Metric measurements editions, and in every format including kindle! If you're going to buy this eBook, I'd really appreciate it if you bought it before the end of March, for reasons detailed in my post about my life, below. It'll be available on Amazon within 24 hours, and everywhere else in a few days.

My life

A lot of people have asked me about my life lately, and I don't have time to write the same thing over and over again, so I'm copying the letter I just wrote to John, my boss from my seasonal job back in Canada.  The pictures I mention are available on this post on my facebook page.

Hi John;

Sorry I didn't get back to you for a few days, but I'm very busy because I'm desperate to get my latest book finished and published at least a few days before the end of the month.

I do miss working with you, and I'm getting a bit fat without it, but I won't be coming back to Canada this summer. I'm committed to my life here with Marel, and I wouldn't come back unless I could afford her passport, her visa, and both our plane tickets. As it is I don't even have any money for my own plane ticket.

Things here are really good, our life together is wonderful, except financially because of things I never expected.

The low Canadian dollar and the high Philippine peso cost me a fifth of my savings. I was expecting a tax refund last year, but for various frustrating reasons I haven't got it yet, but now I'm told I'll get it in a week or two. I switched my default sales from my own website to a site called because it has many, many advantages for my readers, unfortunately it only pays every three months with a month's delay, so I'll get paid for Jan. Feb. Mar. sales at the end of April, then Apr. May June sales at the end of July. That's why I have to get my latest book out before the end of march and make some sales, so I can get some money from it at the end of April and not at the end of July. And finally, all the American book sites including Smashwords are withholding 30% for the US IRS taxes. Theoretically I can get them to stop doing that, because Canada has a tax treaty with the US, but it's a paperwork nightmare that the IRS says would take two months if I was in Canada, and it's almost impossible from here in the Philippines.

I've been working like crazy on the writing and publishing, and if it wasn't for those unexpected factors I'd be doing okay. As it is, things are really tense. I couldn't renew my visa here at the beginning of March and I'm behind on my rent. At least my landlady is really nice and she loaned us some money for groceries. If my tax refund comes in when I've been told it will, then we'll be okay. If not we might have to move in with a friend for a while. If I can't make a go of it with the writing and publishing I'll have to take a job teaching English to Japanese people over the internet, and do some musician work on the side.

Life here is very different. I live in a beautiful place with a huge beautiful yard and a private beach that only costs about $300.oo per month including utilities and bills, (see attached pictures.) but the reasons it costs so little are loud barking dogs, loud crowing roosters, loud yowling cats, no sound insulation, windows that don't really close, no hot water, surrounded by resorts that cater to Phillipinos who love their 10,000 watt karaoke systems at all hours even though they can't sing well, constant war with the ants and termites and mosquitos, occasional rats in the ceiling until the cats fight them and chase them out (which is loud), huge trees over the house that drop huge nuts on the roof that sound like gunshots when they land, and being too far from the center of the city to be able to get a landline phone or cable TV or fast internet. We get by with slow internet from an arial and sattelite TV.

Still, I have a wonderful love and tropical weather and the ocean just outside my door, and even with all the problems, my life here is still better than it was in Canada. I included a couple of pics with Marel's wonderful family from Christmas day.

How are things with you and Christina and the girls? I sure hope you're all doing okay.

Take care;

I did it!

It was absolutely necessary for me to achieve something extremely challenging, and I succeeded!  I wrote a damn good book in twenty-seven days!  Tomorrow I publish!

Teaser preview; 'Soul Dead And Green Eyes', a Kellaran fantasy.

“Report!” Captain Dhiak ordered as the two tired soldiers shed their armor and were given food and water.  “Where are Belgran and Sergeant Lekin?!”
“Sir.” Smid said, then paused a moment, as if to order his thoughts.  “It was the strangest thing.  We were takin’ a shortcut that Belgran knew about, a little two-rut cart path about two miles south of the highway.  We came to this burnt out house.  It must have burned last night because there was still a bit of smoke from the smoldering, and you could smell it was really recent, an’ bad.  It’d been right beside the road, and one of the half-burned main timbers had fallen mostly across the way, and there was this kid sittin’ on the end of the timber with his legs out, blockin’ the rest a’ the road.  He’s all covered in ash an’ soot, his head down, his hands on his thighs, ain’t wearin’ nothin’ but his pants.  Couldn’t of been more than twelve, maybe thirteen years old.  He didn’t move a muscle as we come marchin’ up.
“It was just after noon so we were all hot and sweaty, and you know how Sergeant Lekin was, he hated everything just on general principles anyway, so he was in a pretty snarly mood from marchin’ in the heat in his armor.  He kicks the kid’s legs out of the way as he walks past, not hard to hurt ‘em, just to get ‘em out ‘a the way, but not nice about it neither, an’ he says; ‘Outta the way, peasant!”
Smid paused for a drink of water, his eyes unfocused as he remembered, then continued.  “The kid stands up an’ says ‘Hey’ as he steps up behind Sergeant Lekin.  Not yellin’ or anything, just hey, in a completely normal tone of voice.  Lekin spins around like he’s gonna yell somethin’ nasty, but he’s kinda’ surprised to find the kid so close to him that their bellies are almost touchin, and the kid’s looking him up right in the eye with this strange look on his face, or I should say no look on his face, no expression at all, and that was the strange part.  And as this is happenin’ the kid takes Lekin’s short sword out of its scabbard enough to get the tip clear, and he lowers the handle end enough to get it pointing up as the tip is restin’ on Lekin’s belt, and he shoves it up under Sergeant Lekin’s breast plate and into his heart.  He didn’t do it particularly fast, or slow, he just did it, casual like, like you’d slice a carrot, without lookin’ away from Sergeant Lekin’s eyes.  It was all over in a second.
“Sergeant Lekin’ gets this stunned look on his face as he tries to grab the blade or the wound through his armor, then his legs start to give out an’ shake, an’ the kid casually pushes him backward off the blade, and he falls.
“We were so close as this is goin’ on that I could’ve reached out and touched him.  The kid turns around and looks at the rest of us.  He didn’t threaten us with the sword, he just let it hang by his side, drippin’ blood.  But his face…  It was like havin’ a dead man lookin’ at you.
“We all just stood there for a second, then Belgran says ‘Crap!’ an’ he reaches for the kid, and the kid cuts off two of Belgran’s fingers with no more hurry or emotion than wavin’ away flies.  Then Belgran yells crap again, a lot louder this time as he draws his longsword, and an arrow hits him in the throat.  A small arrow, prob’ly elf made, or… Or from a bow for a kid.
“The boy just stands there as Belgran starts thrashin’ his life out on the ground, then me an’ Krin here, we ran the hell outta there.  Once we were in the trees an’ had some cover, we look back and the kid’s just sittin’ on the end of the burnt beam again, just like how we found ‘im, ‘cept with the bloody sword.”
“Sir, I figured it was an elven trap and the boy was spelled.” Krin stated.  “I thought the best thing to do at that point was to catch up to you here at the camp and report.”
Captain Dhiak looked from one to the other of them for a moment, his jaw clenched.  “You’ll take Lieutenant Fastel’s platoon back there in the morning.” he ordered.  “They have our best trackers.  Tell Fastel that you’re to find the boy and the archer.  Kill them.”
“Yes Sir.”

ExOr comments?

Does anyone have any comment about the ExOr plan that I included in my recent email to my readers?

A New Plan

Apparently, my fantasy novels are much more popular than my science fiction novels. And, I'm having trouble making enough from my last book releases to allow me to live here ($400 US/month) until I finish writing Chaos Of A Demon War - Book Three of The Nexus Of Kellaran Trilogy, which would take at the very least another four months. So, I've had to set that on the back burner for now. Since I have no faith in my marketing and I hate doing that anyway, what I'm going to do is start writing the books I had planned to write after that; fantasy books set on Kellaran that are what most fantasy fans seem to want, of normal length and without the super-epic or sci-fi-style story elements of the Nexus trilogy, or any of the other things that readers have complained about. I can write and release one of these every month, and I'm going to keep doing so until I get ahead of the game enough to be able to finish ChaosOADW. It's a tall order, but I really think I'm that good and that prolific. The first one will be titled Soul Dead And Green Eyes, and it's set in northern Debevin about 5000 years before the events in Blessings Of A Curse.

Last chance to get on my mailing list before the big Newsletter goes out!

Just let me know at

Are you on my email list?

There will be some offers and announcements that will only be made to my mailing list by email. My mailing list is composed of those who bought books (or downloaded a free book) through my website, and those who have emailed me fan letters about my books. If you want to be on my mailing list and you're not, send me an email to, thanks!

Interpreting negative reviews

I absolutely hate it when someone doesn't like my book and writes a negative review on it on a major eBook retail sales site, especially when I don't understand what they disliked about it.

Two of the biggest complaints are that Mark, the lead character in The Nexus of Kellaran books, is "too perfect", and therefore the books are boring.  When I communicate with someone who says that, and point out Mark's many faults, they still say he's too perfect.  Now I understand.  These readers don't like it when the lead character is trying to be the good man, and be the best man he can be.  They only like it when the lead character is a bad-ass, and maybe a criminal.  These are the ones who hate Superman but love Batman.  They love series like the Taltos books by Steven Brust, and hate Lord Of The Rings.

Another complaint I get is that Mark "has it too easy", and they still say that after I point out all of the suffering and horror that he goes through, which may be the most suffering of any character in any book.  But I understand now that they hate that he received more than he earned by his own effort, even though he says the same thing in the book.  These people would despise a book about anyone who won the lottery.  They hate Batman because he inherited wealth, and like Spider Man because his personal life completely sucks, and they identify with his suffering.  But when I was a dirt-poor kid some of my favorite memories were of my mom sharing her daydreams about marrying a millionaire  (There were no lotteries back then.) and all the wonderful things we'd see and do and have, and I guess that comes through in my writing.

Of course socially conservative people hate the sexuality in my books, though there isn't really that much of it, or more accurately, they hate the easy acceptance of sexuality in the cultures in my books, moreso even than the sexuality of the characters. 

The only other kind of complaints I get are that some sub-plot that a reader liked was too short or not detailed enough, even though I write the longest and most detailed books in the business, which is a compliment in a way, but if I acceded to every one of these comments my books would be a million words long.

So, if I want to be able to capture all of the sci-fi and fantasy markets, I'm going to have to write another series about a dirt-poor bad-ass who never gets laid, and not include any sub-plots that don't get completely developed.  Until then I'll just try to be more open about the contents of my books in those ways in the books' descriptions, so hopefully people who won't like my books don't buy them, and therefore don't review them.

Damn typos, lol!

Over the last week I re-read Blessings Of A Curse and The Fire And The Storm in preparation for writing Chaos Of A Demon War (I only got a bit of it done in the months after tF&tS came out before I found myself concentrating on Victory Or Extinction.)

First off, I miss as much sleep when I'm reading them as anyone else, especially since I haven't read them in two years.  I really find myself wondering; Wow!  How did I come up with all that stuff?!  And I worry about whether I'll be able to match their quality in the third book.  I wrote The Fire And The Storm when my life was hell, and I was surprised to find that it didn't really have a dark mood to it.

And secondly, I've proof-read Blessings at least a dozen times and had it proof-read by eight other sharp-eyed nit pickers, and I still found at least 25 typos, dammit!  I think I've found them all now though, lol!  There were a lot less in tF&tS.  I've definitely become a better proof-reader over the last 13 years.  I'll have the re-proofed versions out on the retail sites in the next few days sometime.

New Editions Program

After I finish getting Victory Or Extinction published to all the retail sites, and publish The Complete Rational Future Trilogy in one volume, I'll send out an email to everyone who bought books from my website to announce that the new ones are available. In that email I'll be formally announcing the 'coupons for new editions at Smashwords' program, whereby those who bought the old editions of my books from my site can get the newer editions for free, and after that I'll send the coupons to those who respond. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about the timing of that.

VoE regular edition release, and lower prices

The regular release editions of Victory Or Extinction are now available at Smashwords. They should be available at Amazon within 24 hours, and at all other major eBook retailers in 2 to 14 days. It took a couple of days extra because all the eBook retailers are changing their cover picture requirements to higher pixel counts because of the constantly increasing resolution of phones, tablets, and eBook readers.

After extensive research on eBook pricing, I have lowered my prices.
Blessings Of A Curse will still be free as promo. Any Pre-Release or Special Editions (none right now) will be $9.99. My newest book's regular release editions (In this case Victory Or Extinction) will be priced at $5.99. All others will be $2.99. (USA) (Metric)

A Question of Image

I know I should be doing better at social media than I have been, but I'm in a bit of a quandary as to how I should be presenting it.

I feel I should just be 100% real; be open and honest about my flaws, my struggles, my failures, as well as my strengths, talents, and successes, just like I am on my personal Facebook page that's seen by my family and physical-world friends. That's what I've done so far, for the most part.

But I worry that doing so makes me look unprofessional, or worse, and that outside my personal Facebook page I should only show the aspects of myself that are confident, professional, successful. I sometimes think that no-one outside my family wants to hear about my problems, that I should remove every post that paints me in an unflattering light, and that I'm shooting myself in the foot by ruining my own image.

Any thoughts?


If anyone has read Victory Or Extinction - Pre-Release Limited Edition and noticed a typo in it, I'd appreciate it very much if you pointed it out to me! Just send it in an email to, thanks.

It seems it's almost impossible for any publisher to catch 100% of the typos in books this big, even if they've been edited by up to eight different sharp-eyed proof-readers, each of whom caught things the others missed, and missed things the others caught. I always notice a few in the paperback sci-fi-and fantasy novels from the big publishers too. Only the help of hundreds of readers catches 100%, so your help is very valuable, and appreciated.

And of course, if you liked the book and posted a nice review of it, that would REALLY be appreciated!

Victory Or Extinction is now available!

The Pre-Release Limited Edition of Victory Or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Trilogy, in both USA and Metric editions, is now available on !

Merry Christmas everyone!

Finally Finished!

After almost two years of work, I'm finally finished Victory Or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Trilogy! For that matter, about twelve or thirteen years after I started it, I'm finally finished The Rational Future Trilogy.

Its been an incredible journey, and an incredible adventure, both in the story and in my life, and it's pretty emotional to finally have it completed.

I've been having trouble with my e-commerce system on my website for some time. Selling eBooks on my own website gave me the most profit per book since it had the lowest costs, and because all the retail sites insist that a book must have the same price in every place it's sold, and I got the money right away.

Other sales outlets take more of the money and don't pay me for one to three months, but they have all the advantages for the reader. If you buy one of my eBooks at, you can download it as many times as you want, and in any format imaginable, and if I bring out a new edition of a book with better cover art and tighter editing, anyone who bought a previous edition can get the new edition for no extra charge, anytime. For these reasons, when I publish the final edition of Victory Or Extinction my default sales site will become, not my own site, and direct sales at my site will end but be linked to (Though of course my books will still be available at Amazon, Apple, Google Play, and every other major eBook retailer.) After I've completed this transition, I'll be offering coupons for my books at to anyone who bought them from my own site, so they can download the latest editions if they want.

I'm going to have Victory Or Extinction on sale before Christmas, but I don't have enough time to finish all the publishing tasks before then, like editing and cover art. I'll do a quick first edit and offer a Pre-Release Edition with no cover art exclusively at That way those who want the book right away and don't mind waiting for the cover art and final editing can get it now, and when the final version comes out they can get that too, for no extra charge.

And, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank again everyone who has helped me or supported my writing career in any way! Thank you, all of you, I couldn't have done it without you!

Breaking news!

I should finish the manuscript of Victory or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Trilogy tomorrow night!

Farewell, my homeland

Nothing left to do in Canada now except kill a bit of time and go to the airport. On to the next chapter in my life, and the next adventure!

Going back to my tropical paradise!

Less than 11 days left until I'm back in the Philippines, back to the life I chose and greatly prefer, back to my wonderful girlfriend! As it gets closer I feel my spirits rising, and my energy growing!

It'll be a lot easier this time; as I'll already be familiar with everything there, I already have friends and connections, I'll already have my relationship with my girl. And this time I'll have new systems in place to improve my motivation, my discipline, and my consistency.

Last time I was there I was thinking; "I hope I can build my businesses into success while I'm here, or at least enough success to stay here, but if not I can enjoy the vacation and go back to work in Canada in the spring, and try it here again next November."

That became a somewhat self-fulfilling prophesy, but I sure wasn't happy about it when I had to come back to Canada in April. The time I've spent with my family and friends here has really been great, but as much as I love them, it's not nearly as hard to be away from them as it is to be apart from the woman I love.

This time I'm absolutely determined to build a stable life in the Philippines, and I'll accept nothing less from myself.

Part of that will be to do better at relating to my readers. For example, I should have said a personal thank-you to everyone who Liked my Facebook Author's Page, and I'm sorry that I didn't. One of a hundred things I should have done better, and hope to do better in the future.

It seems my plans and goals usually go awry, but none-the-less, I really, really want to release Victory Or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Trilogy before Christmas.

Hi everyone!

It took me five years to write Blessings of a Curse, and four years for People of the Tiger, back when I only wrote for myself, for fun. It took well over a year for The Fire and The Storm, and only four months for Hunters In The Sky. Things haven't been going great lately in general, and it's been about a year and a half so far on Victory or Extinction.

I understand that some of you may lose faith that the two trilogies that I'm writing now will ever be finished, but don't. Both series WILL be finished, soon if I get my mojo back right away, longer if I don't. But they will both be finished, I swear.


Hi everyone; Sorry again that it's been so long since my last post.  I've been having trouble getting any writing or publishing done for the last month. The harder I tried, the more crappy I felt about not getting anything done, so I took a two week vacation from it.  I'm not getting any less done, bu I'm not stressing about it, and hopefully at the end of this week I'll feel recharged enough to get back at it.  Again, my apologies for the delay.

Back to the life in Canada.

Okay, sorry that it's been so long since my last post.

Re-integrating back into my life in Canada was a lot harder than I'd expected. Living in two different countries definitely has its pitfalls and drawbacks. Most of my possessions here are gone, and there's new room-mates. Winter lasted a lot longer here than anyone expected, so I lost a lot of work due to the weather.

I've been back at work for most of May, which is going quite well, and I've lost all my excess fat. My aerobic health still isn't awesome, but for the most part I'm back in shape.

Getting going again on writing and publishing has been really hard. I've been making progress, but it's frustratingly slow. I'm really getting to hate working alone. When I get back to the Philippines I am definitely going to hire a personal assistant whose main duty will be to be fun to work with. Until then I'm just going to have to tough it out.

Still working on it...

I have to apologize to everyone who's been eagerly awaiting the release of Victory Or Extinction. I'm still only 4/5 finished writing it. Well maybe 5/6. At least, thanks to a staggeringly generous fan, the financial pressure is off. Which is good, because I've been stuck for four days.

Decisions, decisions...

I was offered a very good-paying permanent full time job lately, but I couldn't take it.  Instead I'll keep living in poverty so I can save every cent from my entry-level seasonal laborer job, so I can move to the Philippines for the winter at least, and probably live in poverty there too, while I try to build my career as a writer and publisher.  And when I read fan letters like this one, I know I'm making the right choice;

I just want you to know that I'm a huge fan of yours. Im 17 years old and reading and learning are my favorite pastimes, I have read thousands of science fiction and fantasy books, and the nexus of kellaran and the rational future series are my most favorite books I've ever read! They are so superior to any other book I have read, all ideas are possible realities and what you have wrote is the best future I have ever read about. The world would be a great place If only everyone excepted these obvious rational truths you write about in the rational future series. If only everyone knew about these books! Not only do your books demonstrate many genius ideas that could actually be implemented on our world, and I'm sure their must be other life on other worlds, since the universe is so vast, so their must be, or will be, or has been some world like in the nexus of kellaran, but they also demonstrate the very healthiest, happiest, and smartest badass  characters in any book ever. Ever since I read your books last year I cannot enjoy most other books  because they are so much less superior than yours. The conflicts are completely ridiculous and unrealistic compared to the logical and well thought out plots of your books. And the characters are always sad, feeling sorry for themselves and so dumbly illogical i cant stand it. I have always loved to speculate on much of the things you write about and reading them has reassured me that some people not only realize how foolish we live now, but also have ideas for a brighter future. I am a HUGE fan and I absolutely cannot wait until you come up with the next book!  I check your Facebook page regularly in hopes that you've announced the next one! Keep up the good work and I really hope you get rich from your endeavours  cause you deserve it. :-)
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Title decided for upcoming novel

Seventy-nine thousand words in, and I finally have the title to the book I'm writing. It will be: Victory Or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Series.

Research and discovery

The writing on Book 3 of the R.F. series is going good.

I was recently in a point in my storyline where I needed the characters to prove that the light speed barrier is an illusion. I wanted their explanation to sound good, even to professional physicists, so I really did my homework on this one. I determined that I would truly understand Einstein's theories of relativity as they apply to the light speed barrier, so I researched them thoroughly, and I revived my mathematical ability enough to be able to do all the relevant calculations.

To my great surprise, during the course of this process I have proved to my complete satisfaction that the light speed barrier really is an illusion!

More Info on my Investment Offering:

This is like a kick start plan, in that we have set a deadline of August 30, 2013 to sell at least 240 of the 600 available Units, or everyone gets their money back. None of the funds raised through the sale of Unit subscriptions will be spent or utilized until 240 Units have been sold; they will remain in the partnership's capital account until then. 240 Units would provide $24,000.oo of the $60,000.00 we are seeking, and I consider $24,000 the minimum needed to initiate the business plan. If I can't initiate the business plan, then it's not worth losing any shares of my firm. If we can't sell 240 Units by August 30 then we are obviously doing something wrong, and we will refund the full subscription price of every unit sold, and reconsider our plans.

It took until Friday afternoon to get all the paperwork finalized for the partnership registration and the opening of the new business accounts at the bank, so we'll get started on seeking investors in earnest on Monday. I've sold a few Units to people I know, but we haven't made a big push yet.

I have a good business plan, and we are going to be very profitable if it is initiated. So far, my publishing has provided a steadily growing second income. Last year was my best year by far, doubling the sales of the year before, even without all the marketing actions that I'd hoped to take.

I'm still in Calgary Canada, which is an expensive place to live in and to hire in. Last year I invested as much as I could into my publishing business, and hired an employee in the Philippines to work for me online, since I couldn't afford to hire someone qualified here in Calgary. We got a lot of work done for the money, but it wasn't quite enough to take the business to the next level.

The modest investment of $60,000.oo in total that I'm seeking, on the advice of my business adviser, will pay for more employees and contractors, and for new marketing measures like exhibiting at sci-fi conventions and publishing conventions, it will cover our operating budget for one year, and it will allow me to move to the Philippines. That will drastically reduce my cost of living, and allow me to work directly with my employees in person, to build a strong team, and to greatly increase our efficiency and effectiveness. They will officially remain outsourced contractors working for a Canadian owned and operated business.

When the business plan is enacted I will play three roles in the firm; the Managing General Partner and majority owner of the firm, an employee as publisher and editor with a very modest salary, and an author with the same author's publishing contract that all our authors will be offered.

We will soon grow by continuing to release new works in our existing ongoing series, by releasing books in new genres, and by signing new authors to our publishing firm.

To receive all the details, email me at, and I'll send you our business plan and partnership agreement.

A chance to invest in my publishing firm

If anyone wants to invest in my publishing career, you can now become a Limited Partner in my Limited Partnership and have no liability, for as little as $100.oo. That gives you one Unit of the Partnership, which entitles you to .05% of the money I make as a publisher for the next 25 years.
1 Unit = $100.oo = 0.05%
20 Units = $2000.oo = 1%
All 600 Units = $60,000.oo = 30%

When I get the investment I'll move to the Philippines, which is the cheapest place in the world for an English-speaking entrepreneur to do business online; they have an abundance of educated, unemployed, English-fluent workers who can be hired for as little as $125.oo per month, full time. I'll get more high-quality publishing done for less money than anyone has ever achieved before.

My business adviser is very successful and he's helping me with this for free, 'cause he's a damn good man. He's still pretty confident that he can find one or two big investors to buy the entire issue, so if you want in on this, you should act fast. Once the 600 Units are sold, I won't issue any more.

If you're interested let me know, and I'll send you my business plan and Partnership agreement, which have all the relevant info.

Touching base.

I haven't posted for a while, so I thought I'd stop in and say; Hi, I hope you had a great Easter!

I'm still writing Book 3 of The Rational Future Series.

Take care everyone.

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