A recent conversation with a fan:

Hi Wayne Edward Clarke (do yo prefer it formal or personal?)

I have bought all your books up to now and wanted to ask, when the nexus of kellaran part 3 is planned? Will you write it on sol?


Hi Nathanael;

I am working on Book 3 of the Nexus of Kellaran, which will be titled; Chaos Of The Demon War. Other than me, you're the first to know that.

Unfortunately I cannot predict how long it will take to write it. Almost every guess and estimate I've made about how long it'll take to write a book has turned out to be wrong. It will be at least four more months and probably much longer, just for the writing, plus editing and publication time. It also doesn't help that I'm also working on Book 3 of The Rational Future Series at the same time; I write the inspirations that I get when I get them, so I don't forget them, and I get ideas for both series regularly.

Not to mention that right now I'm rebuilding my publishing system. Until early this summer I only did the publishing that I could learn and do myself for free, because I had to use all the sales proceeds for debts and obligations. Now I'm re-investing my royalties into the publishing; I have an employee and contracted specialists, and we are building a truly professional publishing house. But, it is an incredible amount of work; far more than I expected. If I can increase sales to the point where I can make a full-time living from my writing and publishing, I'll be able to quit my regular job and work on this full-time. Then it'll only take about a third as much time to write each book.

I only post and price the first book of each series for free, for promotional purposes. To be honest, I look forward to the time when I'm successful enough that I don't have to give books away for free, on SOL or anywhere else. Those who read books for free seldom buy any, because they know they can always get more for free. Those who buy books seldom read free books, because they know that most free books are of low quality. I think that giving away my first books as a promotional technique is working to a limited extent, but it is also keeping me out of the major sales market.

Anyway, take care;
Wayne Edward Clarke.

PS. I use my full name to help establish my brand, and because there is another Wayne Clark from my city who is already semi-famous as a fashion designer, and I don't want to be confused with him.

Thank you for your kind response. About publishing for free? I read both first books for free on sol, and I would gladly have payed for the first ones as well, but it lead to me buying your books, didn't it?

Greetings and looking forwards to the next books - whenever they come


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