New site debuts, new Editions releases!

Announcing the debut of the new Professional Editions of my books, and the new website of Wayne Edward Clarke Publishing!

It’s an undeniable fact that thousands of people really love my books.  Hundreds have said that I wrote their favorite book, or that I’m their favorite author.  My fans keep me going, and they give me the confidence to believe that my books can compete in the global market.

However, until recently my writing was of professional quality, but my self-publishing was not.  I only did the publishing that I could learn and do myself for free, and the quality of my results could best be described as; ‘Not bad for an amatuer.’

Now the four books that I’ve previously released have been professionally re-published, with new professional art and cover design, innovative new maps, character lists with descriptions and first appearances, more comprehensive appendices, professional editing including being divided into chapters for the first time, and proof-reading by six different experienced editors per book, to comprehensively eliminate every typo and mistake.

The new Professional Editions of Blessings Of A Curse and The Fire And The Storm will be released and made available as e-Books over the next few days; first on, then on Amazon Kindle, then on my author’s site.  Over the next couple of weeks they will be made available everywhere else where e-books are sold.

That will include the new website of Wayne Edward Clarke Publishing, which is now a professional enterprise with dedicated employees and talented contractors.  We will soon be publishing some of the non-fiction and erotica books I’ve written and had sitting on the shelf for a while, and in the coming months we will be signing and publishing talented new authors.  (Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.)
I proudly present our new site, which is also smart-phone friendly and mobile compatible:

The new Professional Editions of People Of The Tiger and Hunters In The Sky will debut on in about a week., and on the rest of our outlets after that.

Our prices are not changing.  Blessings Of A Curse will continue to be free, for a limited time.  People Of The Tiger will still be 99 cents, The Fire And The Storm will still be $5.99, as will Hunters In The Sky.

If you bought the previous edition of The Fire And The Storm or Hunters In The Sky, you’ll be able to upgrade to the Professional Edition for only 99 cents each.  Just send us a copy of your receipt for the old edition, and we’ll send you a coupon for the special price on the new edition.  Please be aware that it may take some time to send your coupon if this proves to be a popular option.

In about a month all four of the new Professional Editions will be available as paperbacks and hardcovers at and Amazon CreateSpace.

In order to maximise my exposure, I’ll be posting announcements and blogs on many sites, but it’s not worth it to monitor them all for comments and replies.  If you’d like me to read your comment or to reply to it, please post it on my Facebook Author’s page, or the blog on my website.

It hasn’t been easy reaching this point; it’s been a hundred problems to solve and challenges to conquer, and I’ve made my share of mistakes along the way.  But I’ll keep writing and my publishing will continue to grow and improve for as long as my readers and fans keep giving me such enthusiastic support.


Thank you all so very much;

Wayne Edward Clarke.

September 5th, 2012.

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