Apologies on my birthday.

Today is my birthday, so it's probably a good day for apologies.

I've been sick most of the month, and half of last month too. For these and other reasons I doubt that I'll be able to finish Chaos Of A Demon War before the end of September as I'd previously announced. I'm very sorry about that. I hope to finish it in October.

On another matter; readers of my Rational Future series will recognize that I did my best to make it true 'Hard Science Fiction', that everything in it was supposed to be as factual or scientifically plausible as possible, and I did a ton of fact checking to make it so. For instance, every asteroid mentioned is real, and is just like it's described in the book. I did my best to make sure all the math was correct too.

However, I didn't check the facts that I was already absolutely sure of. When I was in elementary school in Canada I was taught that the acceleration due to Earth's gravity is 32 feet per second, per second. The year after I was taught that, Canada's school systems switched over to the metric system and we started doing everything in meters instead of feet. I didn't think about the acceleration due to gravity formula for the next 37 years, then I wrote Hunters In The Sky. I assumed the Earth's acceleration was 32 meters per second squared, instead of 32 feet per second squared. I did all the time and distance calculations for the space travel in that book and the next one according to a formula that was in error, since the performance numbers for the ships were given in gees, not in speed. All the time and distance numbers for space travel for those two books are therefore wrong. I'd have to re-write almost everything in those two books to correct the mistake, and I'm not going to. But I am deeply ashamed, and I'm very, very sorry.

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