Decisions, decisions...

I was offered a very good-paying permanent full time job lately, but I couldn't take it.  Instead I'll keep living in poverty so I can save every cent from my entry-level seasonal laborer job, so I can move to the Philippines for the winter at least, and probably live in poverty there too, while I try to build my career as a writer and publisher.  And when I read fan letters like this one, I know I'm making the right choice;

I just want you to know that I'm a huge fan of yours. Im 17 years old and reading and learning are my favorite pastimes, I have read thousands of science fiction and fantasy books, and the nexus of kellaran and the rational future series are my most favorite books I've ever read! They are so superior to any other book I have read, all ideas are possible realities and what you have wrote is the best future I have ever read about. The world would be a great place If only everyone excepted these obvious rational truths you write about in the rational future series. If only everyone knew about these books! Not only do your books demonstrate many genius ideas that could actually be implemented on our world, and I'm sure their must be other life on other worlds, since the universe is so vast, so their must be, or will be, or has been some world like in the nexus of kellaran, but they also demonstrate the very healthiest, happiest, and smartest badass  characters in any book ever. Ever since I read your books last year I cannot enjoy most other books  because they are so much less superior than yours. The conflicts are completely ridiculous and unrealistic compared to the logical and well thought out plots of your books. And the characters are always sad, feeling sorry for themselves and so dumbly illogical i cant stand it. I have always loved to speculate on much of the things you write about and reading them has reassured me that some people not only realize how foolish we live now, but also have ideas for a brighter future. I am a HUGE fan and I absolutely cannot wait until you come up with the next book!  I check your Facebook page regularly in hopes that you've announced the next one! Keep up the good work and I really hope you get rich from your endeavours  cause you deserve it. :-)
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