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Hi everyone!

It took me five years to write Blessings of a Curse, and four years for People of the Tiger, back when I only wrote for myself, for fun. It took well over a year for The Fire and The Storm, and only four months for Hunters In The Sky. Things haven't been going great lately in general, and it's been about a year and a half so far on Victory or Extinction.

I understand that some of you may lose faith that the two trilogies that I'm writing now will ever be finished, but don't. Both series WILL be finished, soon if I get my mojo back right away, longer if I don't. But they will both be finished, I swear.

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Hi everyone; Sorry again that it's been so long since my last post.  I've been having trouble getting any writing or publishing done for the last month. The harder I tried, the more crappy I felt about not getting anything done, so I took a two week vacation from it.  I'm not getting any less done, bu I'm not stressing about it, and hopefully at the end of this week I'll feel recharged enough to get back at it.  Again, my apologies for the delay.

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Back to the life in Canada.

Okay, sorry that it's been so long since my last post.

Re-integrating back into my life in Canada was a lot harder than I'd expected. Living in two different countries definitely has its pitfalls and drawbacks. Most of my possessions here are gone, and there's new room-mates. Winter lasted a lot longer here than anyone expected, so I lost a lot of work due to the weather.

I've been back at work for most of May, which is going quite well, and I've lost all my excess fat. My aerobic health still isn't awesome, but for the most part I'm back in shape.

Getting going again on writing and publishing has been really hard. I've been making progress, but it's frustratingly slow. I'm really getting to hate working alone. When I get back to the Philippines I am definitely going to hire a personal assistant whose main duty will be to be fun to work with. Until then I'm just going to have to tough it out.

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Still working on it...

I have to apologize to everyone who's been eagerly awaiting the release of Victory Or Extinction. I'm still only 4/5 finished writing it. Well maybe 5/6. At least, thanks to a staggeringly generous fan, the financial pressure is off. Which is good, because I've been stuck for four days.

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Decisions, decisions...

I was offered a very good-paying permanent full time job lately, but I couldn't take it.  Instead I'll keep living in poverty so I can save every cent from my entry-level seasonal laborer job, so I can move to the Philippines for the winter at least, and probably live in poverty there too, while I try to build my career as a writer and publisher.  And when I read fan letters like this one, I know I'm making the right choice;

I just want you to know that I'm a huge fan of yours. Im 17 years old and reading and learning are my favorite pastimes, I have read thousands of science fiction and fantasy books, and the nexus of kellaran and the rational future series are my most favorite books I've ever read! They are so superior to any other book I have read, all ideas are possible realities and what you have wrote is the best future I have ever read about. The world would be a great place If only everyone excepted these obvious rational truths you write about in the rational future series. If only everyone knew about these books! Not only do your books demonstrate many genius ideas that could actually be implemented on our world, and I'm sure their must be other life on other worlds, since the universe is so vast, so their must be, or will be, or has been some world like in the nexus of kellaran, but they also demonstrate the very healthiest, happiest, and smartest badass  characters in any book ever. Ever since I read your books last year I cannot enjoy most other books  because they are so much less superior than yours. The conflicts are completely ridiculous and unrealistic compared to the logical and well thought out plots of your books. And the characters are always sad, feeling sorry for themselves and so dumbly illogical i cant stand it. I have always loved to speculate on much of the things you write about and reading them has reassured me that some people not only realize how foolish we live now, but also have ideas for a brighter future. I am a HUGE fan and I absolutely cannot wait until you come up with the next book!  I check your Facebook page regularly in hopes that you've announced the next one! Keep up the good work and I really hope you get rich from your endeavours  cause you deserve it. :-)
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Title decided for upcoming novel

Seventy-nine thousand words in, and I finally have the title to the book I'm writing. It will be: Victory Or Extinction - Book Three of The Rational Future Series.

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Research and discovery

The writing on Book 3 of the R.F. series is going good.

I was recently in a point in my storyline where I needed the characters to prove that the light speed barrier is an illusion. I wanted their explanation to sound good, even to professional physicists, so I really did my homework on this one. I determined that I would truly understand Einstein's theories of relativity as they apply to the light speed barrier, so I researched them thoroughly, and I revived my mathematical ability enough to be able to do all the relevant calculations.

To my great surprise, during the course of this process I have proved to my complete satisfaction that the light speed barrier really is an illusion!

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More Info on my Investment Offering:

This is like a kick start plan, in that we have set a deadline of August 30, 2013 to sell at least 240 of the 600 available Units, or everyone gets their money back. None of the funds raised through the sale of Unit subscriptions will be spent or utilized until 240 Units have been sold; they will remain in the partnership's capital account until then. 240 Units would provide $24,000.oo of the $60,000.00 we are seeking, and I consider $24,000 the minimum needed to initiate the business plan. If I can't initiate the business plan, then it's not worth losing any shares of my firm. If we can't sell 240 Units by August 30 then we are obviously doing something wrong, and we will refund the full subscription price of every unit sold, and reconsider our plans.

It took until Friday afternoon to get all the paperwork finalized for the partnership registration and the opening of the new business accounts at the bank, so we'll get started on seeking investors in earnest on Monday. I've sold a few Units to people I know, but we haven't made a big push yet.

I have a good business plan, and we are going to be very profitable if it is initiated. So far, my publishing has provided a steadily growing second income. Last year was my best year by far, doubling the sales of the year before, even without all the marketing actions that I'd hoped to take.

I'm still in Calgary Canada, which is an expensive place to live in and to hire in. Last year I invested as much as I could into my publishing business, and hired an employee in the Philippines to work for me online, since I couldn't afford to hire someone qualified here in Calgary. We got a lot of work done for the money, but it wasn't quite enough to take the business to the next level.

The modest investment of $60,000.oo in total that I'm seeking, on the advice of my business adviser, will pay for more employees and contractors, and for new marketing measures like exhibiting at sci-fi conventions and publishing conventions, it will cover our operating budget for one year, and it will allow me to move to the Philippines. That will drastically reduce my cost of living, and allow me to work directly with my employees in person, to build a strong team, and to greatly increase our efficiency and effectiveness. They will officially remain outsourced contractors working for a Canadian owned and operated business.

When the business plan is enacted I will play three roles in the firm; the Managing General Partner and majority owner of the firm, an employee as publisher and editor with a very modest salary, and an author with the same author's publishing contract that all our authors will be offered.

We will soon grow by continuing to release new works in our existing ongoing series, by releasing books in new genres, and by signing new authors to our publishing firm.

To receive all the details, email me at, and I'll send you our business plan and partnership agreement.

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A chance to invest in my publishing firm

If anyone wants to invest in my publishing career, you can now become a Limited Partner in my Limited Partnership and have no liability, for as little as $100.oo. That gives you one Unit of the Partnership, which entitles you to .05% of the money I make as a publisher for the next 25 years.
1 Unit = $100.oo = 0.05%
20 Units = $2000.oo = 1%
All 600 Units = $60,000.oo = 30%

When I get the investment I'll move to the Philippines, which is the cheapest place in the world for an English-speaking entrepreneur to do business online; they have an abundance of educated, unemployed, English-fluent workers who can be hired for as little as $125.oo per month, full time. I'll get more high-quality publishing done for less money than anyone has ever achieved before.

My business adviser is very successful and he's helping me with this for free, 'cause he's a damn good man. He's still pretty confident that he can find one or two big investors to buy the entire issue, so if you want in on this, you should act fast. Once the 600 Units are sold, I won't issue any more.

If you're interested let me know, and I'll send you my business plan and Partnership agreement, which have all the relevant info.

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Touching base.

I haven't posted for a while, so I thought I'd stop in and say; Hi, I hope you had a great Easter!

I'm still writing Book 3 of The Rational Future Series.

Take care everyone.

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The Eternal Critique.

When I started writing, I wrote for myself, and I didn't plan what I was going to write in any way. I just started to write, and out it came from some previously-unknown part of my brain. I was constantly as surprised as any of my readers by the story I produced, but back then I had absolutely no thought of ever showing it to anyone else, let alone publishing it.

Then I f
ound the amateur fiction websites, and read a lot of what was available there, and I posted a few stories that were very well received.

As I've mentioned before; a few years later, when self-publishing on the internet became practical, I posted my two best books to one of the biggest amateur fiction sites, and asked the readers if my novels were as good as those in the bookstores. 30,000 readers gave my two books average scores of 9.36 and 9.37 out of 10, and I received hundreds of glowing fan letters encouraging me to publish. Not one of those letter writers said that they hated either of my novels.

However, as I began self-publishing to the online book buying public, I found that they behaved very differently from the readers of the amateur fiction sites. They were far more critical, and far more conservative.

I also found that if someone in the online buying public likes your book, they are likely to send you a glowing fan letter, and I received hundreds of those from new fans. Which is wonderful, but no one knows about it except the two of us; the letter writer and me.  If someone in the online buying public hates your book, they are likely to post a bad review about it, which is then available right on your book's listing with one click, and is seen by thousands.

It soon became apparent that People Of The Tiger contained far too much sexuality for most science fiction fans, and I was faced with a choice; I could make it an 'Erotica Science Fiction Novel', add more sexuality, and market it to adults only. Or, I could remove most of the sexuality and market it as general science fiction to adults and late teens, and that was the choice I made.

Part of what convinced me were two reviews on Amazon that were really vicious; these people not only despised absolutely everything about my book, they were deeply offended by it. They considered me to be despicably perverted. And I guess it's their right to think that way, and to post it in a review.

However, there are two problems. First; is that I have now completely re-written the book, largely in response to those two reviews, but I can't get Amazon to remove the reviews, even though the reviews are no longer pertinent or relevant or current, since I have removed all the parts of the book that offended those two reviewers. Second; is that the reviews that gave me five stars and said that my book was a wonderful work of genius were at the bottom of the list of reviews, and so were rated by the readers to have been helpful to less people, meanwhile the very long and completely out of date review that said 'don't read this filth' stayed at the top of the list, and was found to have been helpful to more readers. I'm sure that most readers didn't bother reading any farther after reading the first one, it was so scathing, even though it was no longer accurate in any way.

After repeated attempts at getting help from Amazon about this, and being politely but flatly refused, I was forced to remove both versions of People Of The Tiger from sale on the Amazon Kindle store. They simply refuse to remove any review unless it violates their code of conduct, and they make absolutely no allowance for the fact that they treat completely re-written new editions of a book as the same book. A review in a newspaper or a magazine or a blog will fade from public view after a while, but book reviews on Amazon are eternal, even if everything they say no longer applies to the book they're talking about.

And, since it would look incompetent to offer the second book in a series at a retailer without offering the first, I've also removed both versions of Hunters In The Sky from the Amazon Kindle store.

If you agree with me and think that Amazon's policy in this regard is irrational, I would certainly not be upset if you wrote them to tell them so.

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Upgrade to the new Professional Editions for free

I have several items of important news for my readers.

I've learned some interesting things. Unlike paper books, when a new edition of an eBook is released, the eBook retailers like Amazon and iTunes consider it to be the same eBook. So anyone who bought one of my previous eBook editions from anywhere other than my author's website can get the new Professional Editions for Free. Just go to where
you bought the previous edition and download it again.

One of my customers who uses Apple had to delete his old copies from his device before he could download the new revisions, so others may have to do that as well, but he did get them for free. I suggest you back up your old copies online or on a USB memory first, before you delete them from your main drive (should that be necessary), just in case you have trouble downloading the new one. Also, People of The Tiger was substantially re-written for the February 2012 revision, so you may want to save the old version, in case you find you prefer it. See my next post for more about this. The storylines of the other three books are essentially unchanged.

Since those who bought my eBooks from other websites can get the new editions for free, I will of course have to figure out a practical and convenient way to give them for free to anyone who bought the previous versions from my own website. I haven't figured out an automated way to do this yet, but when I do, I'll let everyone know.

Of course, this completely negates my earlier post about offering the new editions to previous buyers with a coupon for a reduced price.

Also, you can't get People Of The Tiger or its sequel Hunters In The Sky from the Amazon Kindle Store anymore, whether you bought the previous versions there or not, due to a dispute I'm having with them. But I'll detail that in the next post.

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New site debuts, new Editions releases!

Announcing the debut of the new Professional Editions of my books, and the new website of Wayne Edward Clarke Publishing!

It’s an undeniable fact that thousands of people really love my books.  Hundreds have said that I wrote their favorite book, or that I’m their favorite author.  My fans keep me going, and they give me the confidence to believe that my books can compete in the global market.

However, until recently my writing was of professional quality, but my self-publishing was not.  I only did the publishing that I could learn and do myself for free, and the quality of my results could best be described as; ‘Not bad for an amatuer.’

Now the four books that I’ve previously released have been professionally re-published, with new professional art and cover design, innovative new maps, character lists with descriptions and first appearances, more comprehensive appendices, professional editing including being divided into chapters for the first time, and proof-reading by six different experienced editors per book, to comprehensively eliminate every typo and mistake.

The new Professional Editions of Blessings Of A Curse and The Fire And The Storm will be released and made available as e-Books over the next few days; first on, then on Amazon Kindle, then on my author’s site.  Over the next couple of weeks they will be made available everywhere else where e-books are sold.

That will include the new website of Wayne Edward Clarke Publishing, which is now a professional enterprise with dedicated employees and talented contractors.  We will soon be publishing some of the non-fiction and erotica books I’ve written and had sitting on the shelf for a while, and in the coming months we will be signing and publishing talented new authors.  (Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.)
I proudly present our new site, which is also smart-phone friendly and mobile compatible:

The new Professional Editions of People Of The Tiger and Hunters In The Sky will debut on in about a week., and on the rest of our outlets after that.

Our prices are not changing.  Blessings Of A Curse will continue to be free, for a limited time.  People Of The Tiger will still be 99 cents, The Fire And The Storm will still be $5.99, as will Hunters In The Sky.

If you bought the previous edition of The Fire And The Storm or Hunters In The Sky, you’ll be able to upgrade to the Professional Edition for only 99 cents each.  Just send us a copy of your receipt for the old edition, and we’ll send you a coupon for the special price on the new edition.  Please be aware that it may take some time to send your coupon if this proves to be a popular option.

In about a month all four of the new Professional Editions will be available as paperbacks and hardcovers at and Amazon CreateSpace.

In order to maximise my exposure, I’ll be posting announcements and blogs on many sites, but it’s not worth it to monitor them all for comments and replies.  If you’d like me to read your comment or to reply to it, please post it on my Facebook Author’s page, or the blog on my website.

It hasn’t been easy reaching this point; it’s been a hundred problems to solve and challenges to conquer, and I’ve made my share of mistakes along the way.  But I’ll keep writing and my publishing will continue to grow and improve for as long as my readers and fans keep giving me such enthusiastic support.


Thank you all so very much;

Wayne Edward Clarke.

September 5th, 2012.

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A recent conversation with a fan:

Hi Wayne Edward Clarke (do yo prefer it formal or personal?)

I have bought all your books up to now and wanted to ask, when the nexus of kellaran part 3 is planned? Will you write it on sol?


Hi Nathanael;

I am working on Book 3 of the Nexus of Kellaran, which will be titled; Chaos Of The Demon War. Other than me, you're the first to know that.

Unfortunately I cannot predict how long it will take to write it. Almost every guess and estimate I've made about how long it'll take to write a book has turned out to be wrong. It will be at least four more months and probably much longer, just for the writing, plus editing and publication time. It also doesn't help that I'm also working on Book 3 of The Rational Future Series at the same time; I write the inspirations that I get when I get them, so I don't forget them, and I get ideas for both series regularly.

Not to mention that right now I'm rebuilding my publishing system. Until early this summer I only did the publishing that I could learn and do myself for free, because I had to use all the sales proceeds for debts and obligations. Now I'm re-investing my royalties into the publishing; I have an employee and contracted specialists, and we are building a truly professional publishing house. But, it is an incredible amount of work; far more than I expected. If I can increase sales to the point where I can make a full-time living from my writing and publishing, I'll be able to quit my regular job and work on this full-time. Then it'll only take about a third as much time to write each book.

I only post and price the first book of each series for free, for promotional purposes. To be honest, I look forward to the time when I'm successful enough that I don't have to give books away for free, on SOL or anywhere else. Those who read books for free seldom buy any, because they know they can always get more for free. Those who buy books seldom read free books, because they know that most free books are of low quality. I think that giving away my first books as a promotional technique is working to a limited extent, but it is also keeping me out of the major sales market.

Anyway, take care;
Wayne Edward Clarke.

PS. I use my full name to help establish my brand, and because there is another Wayne Clark from my city who is already semi-famous as a fashion designer, and I don't want to be confused with him.

Thank you for your kind response. About publishing for free? I read both first books for free on sol, and I would gladly have payed for the first ones as well, but it lead to me buying your books, didn't it?

Greetings and looking forwards to the next books - whenever they come


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A Milestone Reached!

Over 100,000 people have read my books, but very few readers are inclined to read and Like their favorite authors' Facebook pages. To be honest, I haven't bothered reading or Liking any of my favorite authors' Facebook pages either.

So I'm very proud to have reached 100 Likes on my Facebook Author's Page!

Thank you so very much to all my fans!

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Speedbump on the road to success.

I had to fire my cover artist for plagiarism and copyright violation, which sucks in every way. I've offered the work to Heather Mitchell, who I know will give me great and original art. Still working on the publishing company rebuild, now delayed due to the artist fiasco.

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Working like crazy!

We're still working like crazy on the complete rebuilding of our publishing systems; a new website specifically for the publishing company, new releases of the books with new covers, content, and editing, new non-fiction and erotica books, and a new marketing campaign. It will all be revealed in our big re-launch in a week or three.

Wayne Edward Clarke.

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Editors found!

My request for volunteer proofreaders has been fulfilled, with more responses than I can use. When we're done, if someone tells me there's an error in one of my books, I'll be able to confidently respond that they are mistaken, lol! Thanks to everyone that offered!

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Calling for Volunteer Editors! Get FREE BOOKS!!!

The typos issue is making me crazy. I've been over these books again and again, I've checked them with at least two-different spell-checking programs each, and I've had them looked over by a few sharp-eyed volunteer editors. A few readers have complimented me on my excellent editing. Still, Amazon and a couple of reviewers have complained about typos. Some punctuation things are my own style that I insist on using; see the Forwards in my books for more on that. Some of the spelling issues may be due to the fact that like all Canadians I use some British English, some American English, and some spellings that are only correct in Canada. But I get the impression that there are other mistakes that I'm just missing. A reader pointed one out yesterday, where I had accidentally substituted the word 'training' for 'trading'.

So I'm calling for volunteer editors, as many as possible. Each will get copies of the latest revisions of all four of my books in your choice of US or Metric, or both. Editors will get my next book in advance of it's release for free when it's finished, and can submit edits for that as well. Whoever finds the most mistakes will get my next 2 books free.

Anyone interested can email me at

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Announcing a new addition to my publishing!

I am very proud to announce that I have hired a full-time publishing assistant, and I welcome Norman H. Imbong to my soon-to-be rapidly expanding publishing empire.
Norman has a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (Advertising), and a Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Maj. Management Accounting), as well as a ton of relevant experience.

Now things are getting serious.  This will improve my business in every way, and allow me a lot more time to write great books and start new businesses.

I'd like to thank the Most Excellent folks at Virtual Staff Finder, who took care of most of the hiring process for me.

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